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Clan MacGregor

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Fifteen of the finest malt and grain whiskies from the heart of Scotland have been skillfully blended to create a whisky of exceptional quality. Clan Macgregor Scotch whisky has a delicate, sweet aroma and a smooth, mellow taste – which has won many awards over the years.

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  • Colour: Clan MacGregor 1L has a golden straw colour.
  • Aroma: Sweet bouquet, charged with hints of vanilla, malt, and a subtle layer of smoke.
  • Taste: Rich sensations on the palate, with a clear grainy taste and notes of dry smoke, baked apple, biscuit, and malt. The finish is long, clean, and delicate, with a lingering sweetness.

PRODUCER: Clan MacGregor.

COUNTRY: Scotland.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Exceptionally blended whisky crafted from fifteen of the finest malt and grain whiskies available in Scotland, cultivated in the Scottish Highlands, Lowlands, and the Speyside region. The maturation is conducted in the finest oak casks that impart great aromaticity and a smoky touch. The result, a superb liqueur, smooth and mellow with a well-balanced nature. With a history of resilience and determination after enduring over two centuries of persecution and confiscation of their lands, wealth, and reputation, and having all their privileges restored, the Clan is famous for their persistency and bravery. And is this unwavering courage that is infused and transmitted into every bottle of whisky. Bold and sophisticated, this whisky is ideal for a long sip after a tired day, served with a couple of ice cubes and the slightest splash of water.


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  • Hailey Mungai

    4 out of 5

    Am a drinker of Whisky and the taste of Clan Macgregor to me its the best tasting I have known. Sweet and kind of bitter at the same time…

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