Find Child-Friendly Face Masks from as low as 550ksh @Duka Ni

If you’re looking for the best face masks for kids, start with masks they’re actually going to want to wear. Parents shopping for face masks face a unique set of circumstances and especially convincing your child to wear a face mask poses an additional hurdle. If you’re shopping for yourself and your family, there are special considerations on how to find the proper mask for your child.

It’s important to find a mask that fits your child’s face so they’re not constantly adjusting it and touching their face in the process, Modeling mask-wearing is also important; children are more likely to wear their own mask if they see the adults around them doing so.

The same guidelines for adult masks adhere to kids: Masks should have 3 layers of breathable fabric and fit snugly to their faces. Face masks for kids should also be easy to remove and your child should be able to breathe unhindered. But above all, Masks made with quality fabric are the best as they have no skin irritation, no bad odor, and are very comfortable to breathe.

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